QuickTip 13: Has this been annoying you for years?

Has this been annoying you for years - but you've never had the time to look for a solution?

You have a table that is on the first line of the first page of a Word document - but try as you might you can't insert anything above it.

There is a way.

Simply click in the top left cell of the table - before any text in the cell.

Then press 'Enter'.

The cursor will jump to a new line above the table.

This is a very simple illustration - to make our point. There are many areas in business that can be helped by technology if you know how. IT Accessed exists to help businesses get more from IT - and always from the point of view of making the business more efficient and profitable.

Seven IT Pitfalls to Avoid:

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Relax with your feet up

IT Accessed are dedicated to helping you use IT more effectively in your business.

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