What We Do...

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Some things we've done lately:

  • Maintain and at the same time "modernise" and expand a legacy database system for a specialist call handling company.

  • Delivered another significant system upgrade to a customer of ours since 2009.
    The bespoke quotation and workflow management system fhas grown in functionality to support the client through steady and impressive expansion into new areas of the country.
    We are proud that this system combines the customer's knowledge of their business area with our systems ability and creates quotes, documents and costings automaticallyrom many available options and construction dimensions.

  • Design a bespoke KPI (Key Performance Management) system for a manufacturer.

  • Created a Machine Management system for a large packaging manufacturer.
    The system allows machine performance to be communicated and monitored, also allowing visibility of upcoming maintenance.
    Large touch screens are used to view and operate the system on the shopfloor.
    Data is input and further analysed on desktop systems.

  • A Service Control and Reporting system.

  • A training session for a customer since 2010 - this is to cover new functions they required in a Production Control system we have developed for them - to their specifications.

  • A customer since 2007 has asked us be be their IT adviser on a formal basis (a virtual IT director if you like).

  • We delivered a new version of a Time Reporting system to a Project Engineering customer since 2010.

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